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Core Values & Standards

The Core Values and Behavior Standards of Carle Richland Memorial Hospital are those qualities on which our organization stands and operates.  These values are a reflection of our culture and our character.

Our employees are the source of our strength and our success.  We encourage and support their involvement and growth to uphold the following values that are basic to quality and Excellence:

Core Values

Caring for those entrusted to us and for one another with patience, kindness, compassion and courtesy.

Trust in our organization and belief in others while fostering a positive attitude, open-mindedness and confidence as we approach our daily work.

Respect by recognizing and demonstrating the dignity and strength of each individual.

Competence through the empowerment of our employees to seek personal and professional development to perform their respective duties in a skilled and proficient manner.

Communication that is open, honest and thorough.

Behavior Standards


  • Make eye contact, smile and say hello when appropriate
  • Introduce and explain myself using AIDET
  • Listen attentively and address the needs of others
  • Look for opportunities to help patients, families and coworkers
  • Escort patients and visitors whenever possible
  • Respond to all forms of communication in a timely, friendly manner


  • Respect cultural and spiritual differences
  • Communicate in a way others can understand
  • Stop gossip and resolve conflicts promptly and respectfully
  • Provide timely updates to keep others informed
  • Value the knowledge and skills of others
  • Tune in and turn off outside distractions
  • Respect confidentiality and privacy


  • Represent Carle positively through my actions and words
  • Act with integrity in every situation
  • Take pride in a clean, professional appearance and workspace
  • Wear my badge where it is clearly visible
  • Learn from experiences and seek new knowledge and skills
  • Correct in private, compliment in public


  • Follow through on my commitments
  • Accept responsibility and do not blame others
  • Suggest a resolution when identifying problems
  • Contribute to departmental and organizational goals
  • Do everything possible to ensure the best health outcomes
  • Practice service recovery when working with unhappy patients, families and/or visitors


  • Manage up others by communicating their strengths and accomplishments
  • Reward and recognize others for their contributions
  • Assume good intentions in the actions of others
  • Communicate expectations clearly to help coworkers do their jobs successfully
  • Involve patients and their families in finding the right solutions for their care
  • Share ideas constructively, and actively listen to ideas from others