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Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital has volunteer positions in four key areas – RMH East Street Boutique (Gift Shop), Patient Escorting / Transporting, Surgical Waiting Room, and Long Term Care.  Office helpers are also needed from time to time to help with various tasks, such as folding, stuffing envelopes, filing, etc.  Below you will find a list of general duties performed by each of these types of volunteers.

RMH East Street Boutique (Gift Shop) Volunteer

  • Opens the shop; prepares shop to receive patrons during operating hours (prepares cash register, moves sale table to outside doors, turns on lights and lighted displays, etc.).
  • Greets patrons in a friendly manner; offers assistance with shopping needs.
  • Provides gift wrapping, assistance with preparing gift bags, etc.
  • Operates cash register and/or completes sales tickets/payroll deduction forms.  Requires ability to handle money, make change, calculate percents (for sale items).
  • Helps with marking and display of merchandise as needed.
  • Helps to keep the boutique tidy by dusting shelves, cleaning glass, etc.
  • Makes and offers coffee to gift shop patrons.
  • Answers the gift shop telephone in an appropriate manner with a greeting, identifying yourself and the area in which you are working and asking how you may help the caller.
  • Completes required paperwork for end-of-day reports and secures money from daily sales in designated location.
  • Secures shop at the end of the day.

Patient Escort Volunteer

  • Sits next to the Guest Relations Desk and greets people in a friendly, proactive manner.
  • Along with Guest Relations staff, offers assistance with wheelchairs for individuals coming into the facility.
  • Delivers patients safely to their destinations either by escort or wheelchair transport.
  • Takes visitors to their destinations within the hospital if they are unsure.
  • Delivers patient mail in the mornings.
  • Delivers newspapers in the afternoons.
  • May be asked to assist with flower/balloon delivery to patients or others within the facility.

Surgical Waiting Room Volunteer

  • Greets visitors/guests in the Surgical Waiting Room Areas.
  • Answers telephone in an appropriate manner with a greeting, identifying yourself and the area in which you are working and asking how you may help the caller.
  • Provides direction to people in the waiting room when they need to return to the patient’s room or when the doctor/nurse would like to speak with them.
  • Makes certain visitors know where to find refreshments/coffee, etc. and makes sure stock is adequate; Calls for additional if needed.
  • Provides assistance with the television, remote control, finding magazines, etc.
  • Visits with people in the waiting area offering comfort when needed.

Long Term Care Volunteer

  • Assists with resident birthday parties and other special events on the unit.
  • Assists with monthly community meals.
  • Provides assistance to residents with various activities/recreational therapy as instructed by the Activities Director.
  • Visits with patients offering comfort and friendship.
  • Reads to patients/residents.
  • Makes crafts/room decorations for residents (monthly revolving schedule).
  • Assists with hanging clothes up for residents in their closets (separate position).

Office Helper Volunteer

  • Provides assistance to office staff with general clerical duties, such as copying, filing, folding, collating, binding, stapling, mailing, etc.
  • Assists with educational events for the public, such as health fairs, screening clinics, etc.
  • Assists in preparing materials for in-services.

In addition to filling the positions listed above, Volunteers help with fundraising events, health fairs, and other special activities as needed.

For additional information about volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Services Department at (618) 395-7340, ext. 4009.  All people who wish to volunteer must complete a Volunteer Services Application form and is subject to a background check.