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Carle Richland Memorial Hospital Makes Mental Health a Priority

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital Makes Mental Health a Priority

June 13, 2019

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is dedicated to bringing more mental health services to the communities we serve. One way we are looking to expand knowledge of mental health issues is to help make local businesses and community members aware of what to do if they are presented with an individual who appears to be in a mental health crisis.

Recently, Leslie Shan, Mental Health Therapist and Terri Priest, EMT, participated in Mental Health First Aid training at The Carle Foundation in Urbana. This was a three day course that is required to become certified to teach the training. It consisted of a written exam and giving a 30 minute presentation in front of peers and National Trainers to complete the certification.  They are using the skills they were taught to speak to local organizations and businesses, and set up trainings in our eight-county service area.

“This is a priority right now. We want to educate our communities about mental health and break the stigma,” says Shan.

Shan is doing several outreach opportunities to talk with local groups with a basic overview of the class and what participants will be learning. Similar to traditional first aid, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a crisis until professional treatment is obtained or the crisis resolves.

“The training class will cover risk factors and warning signs of mental illness and addictions, as well as information on available treatment options. Upon completing the course, participants will better understand the impact of mental illness and addiction on a person, their family and the community,” says Shan.

Future training sessions are planned. There are no specific skills needed to take the class, trainees typically include individuals from all walks of life, including, school personnel, law enforcement, faith-based communities, hospital and nursing home staff and families.

If your business or organization is interested in learning more about Mental Health First Aid, contact Leslie Shan at the Primary Care Clinic at 618-392-1140.

Leslie Shan (far right) and Terri Priest (far left) recently held the first Mental Health First Aid training for CRMH employees. There were several participants, with more employees interested in a future class.