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CRMH Honors Two Sunshine Award Recipients Ladi Stallard and Julie Struble

CRMH Honors Two Sunshine Award Recipients Ladi Stallard and Julie Struble

January 20, 2020

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital would like to highlight the winners of the Sunshine Award for the third quarter of 2019. The Sunshine Award was created by the CRMH Rewards and Recognition Committee as a way to recognize employees for delivering outstanding care. This award recognizes employees who are engaged and enthusiastic about their work and take positive action to further the organizations reputation and interests.

The Sunshine Committee was pleased to present the award for the third quarter to not just one, but two CRMH employees. Ladi Stallard and Julie Struble, both Rehabilitation Services staff members, were presented with the award. Ladi was nominated for the award by fellow CRMH employee Nikki Uhlmann. Nikki observed that a patient in the swing bed hall was nearing discharge and the patient’s closest relative lived several hours away and was unable to return to move the patient back to assisted living. Ladi did a home-safety check and determined that the patient would be unable to return without his own furniture due to safety reasons. The patient’s discharge date was three days before his relative would be able to make it back and there were no other options to ensure the patient would be safe in his condition. Ladi offered to move the patient back to assisted living over the weekend. She contacted the relative who loved the idea and together they got a team together to move the patient so he could be home. Ladi went above and beyond to make sure her patient would be able to safely live at home until his relative could return home, and both the patient and relative were very grateful for her.

Julie Struble is known for being an animal lover, so when staff on the ICU unit were presented with an unusual situation involving a patient’s pet, they called her.  A woman was traveling through the area when she suffered a medical emergency which required immediate hospitalization. She was traveling with her dog and had no immediate family or friends nearby to care for the animal, so Julie was called to see if she would be interested in fostering the dog while the owner was hospitalized. Julie agreed and while at first the dog was not a fan of being away from its owner, she warmed up to her after a few days. Since the dog had nothing when she came to Julie, Julie went out and purchased dog food, a dog bed and some toys with her own money. She also sent all of the items home with the dog when the owner was discharged. Julie provided a patient, whom she had never met, with peace of mind while she was hospitalized by stepping up and taking care of something that was very important to the patient. Her actions contributed to the overall experience of the patient.

The committee presented both Ladi and Julie with a certificate and banner that will hang in the Rehab area for the remainder of the quarter, as well as gifts that were hand selected based on each of their interests. The whole department was also presented with “Sunshine” cookies to enjoy with them.

One Sunshine Award is presented each quarter to a deserving employee. The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses® is also presented each quarter and is the program used to recognize nursing staff.

If you have had a great experience with a member of our staff and feel they should be nominated for one of these awards, please pick up and fill out a brochure located in all of the hospital waiting areas, clinic waiting rooms or in the CRMH café.