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CT Scan

CT Scanning

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney has a 64-slice CT Scanner capable of producing images equal to those of prominent treatment centers throughout the United States.  Patients are now able to have tests performed locally that would have required them to travel just a few years ago.  In addition to extremely vivid and detailed image quality, one of the primary benefits to the 64-slice CT scanner is the speed at which studies can be performed.  This is especially helpful for trauma patients and children.  The 64-slice CT can scan any region of the body in mere seconds with a single breath-hold in many cases.  Additionally, the 64-slice CT scanner at RMH has special features to minimize “over scanning” during procedures, ultimately reducing radiation dose exposure to patients.

Common CT studies performed at RMH include:  CT of the vessels, arteries and veins, CT for cancer/tumors, CT for orthopedic disorders and bone/joint problems, CT for urology including the kidneys, bladder and ureter, Cardiac CT Scoring, CT for detection of neurological concerns, CT of the brain and skull, CT of the Chest / Lungs, CT for facial reconstruction, and CT of the sinuses.