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Emergency Department

Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital provides Emergency care and treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Helicopter access is available to various Midwest Trauma Centers.  The Emergency Department is located on the South Side of the Hospital building and has entrances to its driveway and drop off canopy from both East Street and Mill Street.  The physicians and staff of the Emergency Department are dedicated to providing the highest quality emergency care.

We want you to know what you should expect when you visit our Emergency Department. When you arrive, your condition will be assessed by a nurse through a process called “triage”. If you are very ill or arrive by ambulance, you’ll be taken to an exam room for treatment immediately. This is the time for you to explain how you feel.

A nurse or emergency medicine professional will check your vital signs – temperature, heart rate, blood pressure – and ask about your symptoms. You will also be asked other information such as name, address, medical history, medication list and drug allergies.

A doctor will see patients with the most severe injuries or illnesses first. While we do our best to care for everyone in a prompt, efficient manner, life-threatening situations require the most immediate attention. If your condition is not life-threatening, you may be asked to wait until the doctor is available. Although there may not be a crowd in the waiting room, it is possible that our exam rooms are filled with patients requiring immediate care. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these busy times.

Once a physician has evaluated your condition, they may order tests such as an EKG, X-rays, lab work, CT scan or other diagnostic procedures as necessary. If a number of patients are being treated in the ED at once, there may be a short wait for your results. Below are approximate wait times for some of the tests that may be ordered during your stay.

  • Blood work – 45 minutes – one hour
  • X-rays – 30 minutes
  • EKG – 10 minutes
  • CT Scan – 30 minutes

The Emergency Physician will discuss diagnosis and treatment options with you and your family. If you are seriously ill or injured, or need constant care, you may need to be admitted to the hospital. If you need to stay in the hospital, you’ll be moved from the ED to an in-patient room. You may also be referred to your regular doctor or other medical staff for follow-up care.

Before you leave, ask any questions and review take-home instructions provided by discharge personnel. If you have any concerns after you leave, don’t hesitate to call us.

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is designated as an Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital. We are also able to stabilize those patients having heart related issues and transfer them on to a heart hospital when appropriate.

We know that a trip to the Emergency Room isn’t easy, and can be a concerning time for you and your family. Our staff is trained to handle a variety of emergency situations and will do our best to make your experience a positive one. Thank you for trusting us with your care.

CRMH is pleased to collaborate with The Carle Physician Group to provide coverage for Emergency Department patients. Click on the video link below to meet a couple of the physicians and learn a little bit more about some of the services we can provide.