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Speech Therapy

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital provides a full range of Speech-Language Pathology services to inpatients, outpatients and home health patients.

Outpatient services are provided in our progressive Rehabilitation Services Center.

Language is our most common human characteristic. It is essential to learning, working, and enjoying family life and friendships. There are many ways to express language. Speaking, using sign language, writing, and using computerized communication devices are some of the most common. Speech-Language Pathologists are professionals who are educated to assess speech and language development and to treat language and speech disorders. They are also able to help people with swallowing disorders.

Listed below are several conditions/disorders, which may be corrected or improved through Speech-Language Pathology.

  • Aphasia
  • Adult & child apraxia of speech
  • Cognitive impairment associated with Dementia
  • Dysarthria
  • Feeding & swallowing disorders (all ages), including Vital Stim Therapy 
  • Language-based learning disabilities
  • Childhood speech & language development
  • Recovery after stroke
  • Right hemisphere brain damage
  • Speech & language disabilities
  • Communication challenges associated with tracheostomies or ventilators
  • Communication challenges after traumatic brain injury.
  • Problems associated with vocal fold nodules and polyps
  • Vocal fold paralysis
  • Voice problems

For additional information about Speech-Language Pathology Services at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, please call (618) 395-6031.