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Sleep Studies

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney offers a state-of-the-art sleep lab to diagnose a number of common sleep disorders.

The way a person sleeps has a very significant effect on his or her overall quality of life.  Sleep disorders, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy and Restless Leg Syndrome, affect millions of people in the United States each year.  

Sleep disorders can be easily managed in most cases once they are properly diagnosed.  Carle Richland Memorial Hospital offers these diagnostic services under the supervision of a Fellowship-Trained, Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist and a Registered Sleep Technician.

Individuals are encouraged to discuss having a sleep study with their doctor, especially if they are having difficulty sleeping, find themselves not feeling rested on a regular basis (even after a full night’s sleep), or their sleep partner has noticed abnormalities in the way they are sleeping, such as loud snoring or gaps in breathing.

To receive additional information about Sleep Medicine Services offered at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney, please contact the office of Dr. Sajjan Nemani at (618) 533-8700.